About Me-v2

Hi there

For the very few who are actually interested in the person behind this website: hi, I’m Bas van Oort. A 30-year old travel writer and photographer from The Netherlands. Based in beautiful Amsterdam, but spending way more time on the road than being at home. That’s not a problem at all though, traveling the world and seeing new places and different countries almost every week is a lot of fun. A lot. So don’t you worry about me.
I freelance my way through life at the moment, working for several magazines, newspapers and online platforms here in The Netherlands, Belgium and the US, and traveling roughly 8 months a year. And I’d like to think I’m good at what I do. I’ve been awarded for six different stories I’ve published so far. I know mentioning that is kind of showing off, but hey, let’s face it, this whole website is.
I’m probably not that much different than any other traveler. I hop on a plane or train whenever I get the possibility. I’m a big fan of road tripping, I like to bike, hike and I don’t mind waiting a few hours on an airport or train station. All destinations you will find on my website have been visited and photographed by others before me, and will be visited and photographed by others after me. But there’s one thing that I think makes this website special. I do it my way.
The purpose of this website is not to tell you where you have to go on your next trip. I won’t highlight the five best coffee spots or cocktail bars where you can spend your day waiting in line with hipsters. This website is a selection of my personal experiences. Countries I’ve visited, destinations that fascinate me and people who have inspired me.

If you get inspired as well, that would be a nice bonus.

I work for:  National Geographic Traveler | De Standaard Magazine | BBC Travel | De Morgen Magazine | Arts&Auto  | 360 Magazine | Plus Magazine